The Marina at American Wharf | Jessica + Byron

April 12, 2018

When I think about Jessica + Byron’s beautiful wedding day at The Marina at American Wharf, I think it could be summed up by a couple of things: cute kids, singing and lots and lots of emotion.

It was already a stunning September day, but the people really made this day what it was; simply amazing.  The people (and one adorable puppy) that were around Jessica and Byron were just so joyous.  Especially the kids.  The kids, consisting of Jessica’s nephew who was the rockstar ring bearer, and Jessica and Byron’s close friend’s daughters, who were the adorable flower girls were the center of attention that day.  Jessica and Byron spent so much time dancing, laughing, playing with the kids, my heart was melting all day long.  When Byron turned to feed cake to one of the flower girls right after he fed Jessica, there was a very audible “AWWW!” from the guests.  Jessica and Byron are meant to be around children and I can’t wait to watch their family grow.  

And then there was the singing, oh the singing.  It’s so sweet to watch a couple sing their first dance to each other, but after that Byron surprised Jessica with a recorded version of him singing a song to her.  He claimed to be a too shy to actually do it live in person in front of everyone, but I think he just wanted to have another first dance 😉  At the end of the night the couple exited on a boat and we took a ride around the harbor.  They sang to each other practically the entire time.  Just holding hands, looking into each others eyes, singing.  It was obvious they shared the same kind of love of the songs they were singing.   

Jessica and Byron’s day had some beautifully emotional moments.  The most striking was the dance they danced together to honor some very special people who were not able to be with them.  This couple has definitely experienced more than their fair share of loss, but being surrounded by friends as they and their family danced, and held each other was truly a beautiful tribute to the loved ones that were remembered.  Another beautiful moment was Jessica having two pins from her grandmother pinned inside of her dress.  Her grandmother was also a nurse, just like Jessica, and to have her grandmothers nursing pins in her dress while she walked down the aisle was so very special. 

There are pages I could write about this sweet couple.  Even just from the short time that I have known them, there is so much more to say.  I could talk more about how they met in Afghanistan while serving in two separate branches of the military under some pretty dramatic circumstances.  Or how they have a beautiful life together already with their adorable puppy Ghazni.  When I first met Byron and Jessica, Byron smuggled Ghazni into a Starbucks under his jacket, she was so tiny!  But on that day at The Marina at American Wharf she stood so big and happy and proud with her parents as they had a “first touch” and read sweet notes to each other.  Seriously, so cute.  But I digress.  None of my words would do justice to this genuinely kind, loving couple of people.  Hopefully the photos below can help out a little bit, but really you might just have to go meet them and fall in love yourself.  

xoxo Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, cheers to your next adventure!

Venue: The Marina at American Wharf, Norwich CT

Catering:  Matthew’s Catering

Flora: Le Francois Floral

Cake: Tim McNeil

DJ: Rich Avdevich

Wedding Gown: Tre Bella

Designer: Saint Patrick

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Rentals: Arrow Paper Supply 








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