Bee + Thistle Wedding | Phan + Quintin

April 12, 2018

Have you ever met someone and you know that your life has been improved because of it?  You might assume I’m talking about the way Phan and Quintin felt about meeting each other, and I’m sure that’s true (actually I know it is) but I’m actually talking about how I felt meeting this couple.  Before I even met them I was head over heels for these two strangers and their love story.  They should be in the movies.  It begins as a friendship formed in high school, a friendship maintained through high school and college and later led to dating.  A five year long breakup was not the end of their relationship, but instead another reason to realize their true love for each other.   I usually talk more about the wedding day in my blog, but because we got to know each other so well through the past year and the one special day we spent together at their engagement session at New York Botanical Gardens, I just love and have to share more about who they are. 

Individually they are fantastic people.  Phan’s parents fled Cambodia and she was born in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Once they were in America as political asylum refugees, they instilled in her the values of strong, hard work ethics, education, and not taking anything for granted.  Just a train stop away from her in the Bronx was Quintin, who was also raised to work hard for what you want, and to appreciate what you have.  They shared the same family values and upbringing despite their different backgrounds. 

They finally meet, and went on to have a 10 year long relationship.  I love what Quintin says about dating and knowing that she was “the one”: 

 “I literally took a cab to a train to a bus to be with her on so many occasions. In my head back then I was like, guys don’t do this!”

and even though, for whatever reason, they separated for five years:

“… But I could never imagine myself having a life with someone else. She’s always been THE ONE”

After that five year separation, Quintin reaches out to Phan, who is is hesitant but meets up with him.  They both say that it was like they had never been apart, and were still very much in love with each other.  

Every good love story has a proposal right?  Quintin’s proposal to Phan is better than any movie. { John Cusack would be jealous ;)} After finally reconnecting they are immediately back together, like not a day has passed.  Like most people, when you know you know and you don’t want to waste another moment, Phan is getting wedding fever.  Their first vacation together they took a trip to Spain.  Quintin is bummed because he couldn’t do both the trip and ring at the time.  From here on out I can’t even do the story justice, I have to just let him tell it:  

“Months passed and hints were being dropped.  …It was 2 days before the anniversary of our reconnection.  She caught the bouquet and I caught the garter (at her brother’s wedding). And I spent much of the night explaining away why we were not at least engaged after knowing each other for 16 yrs. The next day we hopped on a plane heading for California to celebrate our 1yr/11yr anniversary. Earlier in the week I visited her parents to ask for her hand in marriage and her dad was pretty happy, he gave me the proposal idea. He gave me this stuffed monkey I had given her freshman year in college (16 years ago, they had kept it the whole time)(P.S. how sweet that Quintin totally had the blessing before he even asked for it?!).  I went to Build A Bear and bought a voice boxand spoke the message “Phan, will you marry me” into it and stuffed it in the monkey. So we get to Cali on 4/19/15 and… she had no idea what was going on, because in the weeks before I made her believe I just couldn’t afford a ring. Anyway we get to our hotel and by now the ring is burning a hole in my pocket. I planned to wait til we got somewhere with a view and hand her the monkey while I got on a knee but I imagined me shaking and dropping the ring down a sewer grate or off a cliff. We were kind of just lounging in our fancy hotel robes after eating and I told her I got her a gift. She got mad and told me she didn’t want a gift, she wanted me to save for a ring. I go to the closet and pull out a plastic bag and hand it to her. She was confused to see the monkey, and before I could say the little speech I had prepared in my mind, she shook him and heard the message…. She looked puzzled as she shook him again and again (maybe I mumbled or maybe she didn’t believe what he said) so I clarified things by getting down on a knee and pulled out her ring. I think that might have been the first time I’ve ever seen her truly surprised.”


Fast forward to the day their wedding would finally come.  It was simply a gorgeous affair at the Bee and Thistle Inn, made even more beautiful with the florals provided by Carla Steele at Elements Floral Design.  Some things that are important to Phan + Quintin: good food, family and great shoes.  And all of those things were present on this stunning September day.  Quintin looked so handsome in his Hugo Boss tux and later some Air Jordans.  Phan of course was breathtaking in her Mark Zunino gown from Kleinfeld’s and Badgley Mischka heels.  Simply Gorgeous by Eringave Phan’s hair and makeup a vintage glam look, adding to her natural beauty.  Both of Phan’s parents walked her down the aisle, and Quintin had tears in his eyes when he saw her.  It was an emotional and sweet ceremony and the look of pure joy on each of their faces from seeing each other and being able to hold each others hands during their tying of the hands ceremony was just refreshing and beautiful. 

Their reception was full of sweet words from their best man and maid of honor, and a very emotional blessing said by Quintin’s mother.  The food from the Bee and Thistle of course was phenomenal, and there was dancing.  So much dancing.  Phan incorporated some traditional Cambodian elements into the evening, which was really neat to see.  I did not know that Hennessy was a Cambodian tradition, but I think I’m ok with it! 😉  

You could see at the end of the evening there was a look of pure contentment on both Phan and Quintin’s faces.  This look of “Finally”.  We finally get each other to ourselves.  We finally get to begin our next chapter of this new life.  What a sweet couple with an outstanding story, proving that “Love is Real” and true love will always win.  All of my love Phan + Quintin







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