Coast Guard Academy Wedding | Hilary + Matthew

April 12, 2018

Coast Guard Academy Wedding {09.16.2017}

I often think you can tell a lot about a couple by the toasts given at their wedding.   Some toasters (??lol) have a really great sense of humor and start out with some hysterical jokes and some tell great stories about when they were younger.  But sometimes they can bring the photographer to tears.  And it’s that moment that you know that couple that you have had the privilege of working with for the past year-ish or so truly are just as awesome and special as you thought.  And you really don’t want to say good bye at the end of the night because you know you might not see them again for a while.  That was exactly how my day with Hilary + Matt went.  We had a great time and then during the toast, when Matt’s brother talked about how Matt IS actually the nicest person in the world, just like I thought, and Hilary’s Maid of Honor used the time to rave about how awesome her best friend is and how much she loves her, I cried.  You would have too.

Hilary + Matt met in high school.  Those funny jokes that the Best Man and Maid of Honor had?  They were basically about the 11 years it took for these two to tie the knot!  But eleven years is fantastic when it means you have survived long distance/ college relationships and gotten to travel all over the US and the world, basically just taken some really awesome trips together.  11 years also means you give practically the exact same answers when you are asked separately about favorite dates, dream vacations and your best qualities. i.e. Hilary wrote that Matt would think her best qualities are that she’s family oriented and social.  Matt actually thinks her best qualities are that she’s…  family oriented, social.  Matt thinks Hilary would say his best qualities are that he’s caring,  and nice to everyone.  Hilary actually thinks Matt’s best qualities are that he is EXTREMELY nice to everyone and caring. (I could give about 10 more examples of this!… did you guys cheat?!)

Matt proposed to Hilary at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.  For her, it was a complete surprise, perfect, amazing and so exciting.  For him it meant traveling with the ring, hiking with the ring, finding the perfect spot to give the ring, basically- maybe a little stressful.  But the moment she said yes you know it was all worth it. It had been something they both had been thinking of since all those years before, when Matt left for college and they both knew that THIS person was “The One”. 

Almost a year and a half later and Matt + Hillary finally got to commit to each other in front of all (and there was a lot of them!) of their family and friends in the quaintest little chapel in New London.  Pequot Chapel looks like it was moved here from the Swiss Alps, and the dark woodsy interior is very romantic.  A perfect fit for this couple.  Then, they danced and partied the night away down the road at the beautiful Coast Guard Academy.  I loved that a guest made double sided signs for everyone to hold up when Matt + Hilary were announced in, one side being their faces and the other being their Alma Mater!  That’s just one example of the level of love that their friends have for them!  

Even though it was while saying goodbye to them, one of my favorite moments of the night was catching them outside, eating dinner together just the two of them.  It was like they were on a date at their own wedding!  They wanted to make sure they ate, but also soaked in a little time together and it was a beautiful night so they sat themselves outside and enjoyed some alone time.  

I am so honored to now know Hilary + Matt.  Matt’s very happy, laid back personality and huge smile are impossible to not notice, and Hilary’s beauty, inside and out, and happy positive energy make them an absolute dream couple.  Both full of ambition and dreams of family and beach houses, and I am so excited for them to write more in this beautiful chapter of their lives.  I hope to see you real soon Mr. + Mrs. Fillion!! 

~xo Ames 

Venues: Reception- Coast Guard Academy 

Ceremony- Pequot Chapel

Getting Ready- Hilton Mystic

Flora + Design: KLW Design Co.

Cake: The Cake Lady

DJ: Power Posse Productions

Hair + Makeup Artist: Keri Shea

Wedding Gown: Kate McDonald from The White Dress by the Shore

Bridesmaids Dresses: Eliza J from Nordstrom 

Groom + Groomsmen Tuxedos: The Black

Shoes: Steve Madden






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