Latitude 41 Wedding | Aubrey + Christopher

April 12, 2018

On plans for the future: “Retire somewhere I can play golf and Aubrey can go to the beach every day”

On what he’s looking forward to on the wedding day: “As long as she’s happy, I’m happy” 

I can totally see why Aubrey married Chris 😉 

A gorgeous Latitude 41 wedding took place on August 12, 2017.  Full of happy tears, family, and one adorable puppy named Winston, this day was a joy to be a part of.  I must have looked thorough these photos a million times and some things that stand out: 

Aubrey’s absolutely stunning smile, and all around beauty.  As long as I have had the pleasure of knowing Aubrey, her smile is always the first thing anyone would notice.  On her wedding day it was even more joyful, if possible.  The excitement of seeing Chris and to have her many bridesmaids, and Winston, and family surrounding her made her trademark smile even more radiant.  

The way Chris just adores his wife.  The snippet that was taken from their engagement questionnaire above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Chris feels about Aubrey.  Since dating in college they have built a very strong and beautiful relationship together, and the way Chris so freely shows his emotions is a rare and beautiful thing to witness.  Chris had tears when reading Aubrey’s card to him, when she came down the aisle and he kept sneaking  peeks at her all through their ceremony.  He deserves one of those cute trendy t-shirts to be made in honor of him: “I just want to be loved the way Chris loves Aubrey”.  You may not expect this huge heart to be in a guy who is such a guys guy.  Especially when it comes to being awesome at football (particularly flag 😉 ) and umm just about every other sport.  And whose most prized possession is a UCONN/beer bottle cap coffee table.  But oh it’s there, and I was thrilled to discover this side of Chris.  

How much these two are loved by every single person they have welcomed into their lives.  I do get choked up at most ceremonies I photograph.  It’s usually the same moments; dad-related, vows related, but when I cry at the Best Man’s speech during the toasts, that’s something different.  Chris’ cousin, and Best Man delivered one of the most beautiful tributes to the groom and his bride.  He made it so obvious that these were two incredible people that deserved nothing but the most happiness, the most support and love that could be showered on them.  I don’t think I too often hear men emphasize what a good decision marriage is, but when Karl stood up there and told Chris he was so happy for him, because this is the best thing he has ever done, I lost it a little bit.  I mean whats a couple more tears at this point?!

I might be able to go on forever about these two, but I know what you are really here for are the photos, so go ahead and please enjoy a few of my favorites.  I adore you and your families Aubrey and Chris, thank you for allowing me to be there with you.

~xo, Ames 

Venue: Latitude 41 at Mystic Seaport

Catering: Coastal Gourmet

Flora: Hana Floral

Hair + Makeup: Dana Bartone + Co.

Video: East Coast Image

DJ: Music Mixers

Gown: Stella York from The Wedding Embassy

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Dynamite Designs

Guys Suits: Men’s Warehouse







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