Mystic Wedding | Samantha + Nick

April 12, 2018

I am fortunate enough to call Samantha one of my closest friends.  When I say that, what I mean is that I have been fortunate to have her friendship enrich my life.  Sam brings so much to the table.  First of all she is an amazing and strong mother, and her very creative, smart and hysterically funny son is a testament to that.  She is also very obviously a beautiful woman.  Her talent {check it out HERE} is out of this world.  She always has this amazing smile and positive energy.  Her laugh is contagious and she is extremely motivated.  

We are not childhood friends, but I like to think that Sam and I “grew up” together.  When we first met, we were both kind of in the same place, a very very different place than we are now.  We were both beginning to pursue our passions seriously, to make careers out of doing what we love, but also found ourselves jumping off bridges at midnight, and slip and sliding, maybe having the occasional too many drinks, so nothing was being taken THAT seriously.  Eventually we also each found our future fiancés in our best friends.  For Sam, it was that one night when she took her habit of jumping off of bridges to falling on rocks, and Nick was there for her.

Nick and Sam have been friends for a very long time.  I didn’t meet Nick until they started dating, but was so happy for my friend once I did.  His positive and happy energy matched hers perfectly.  He is kind, genuine and just makes you happy to be around.  The way he cares for Miles, Sam’s son, is a beautiful thing to see.  They support each other, push, encourage and love each other. It is truly so awesome to watch two people grow, and know that is because they have someone by their side encouraging them to do so.  

Sam and Nick had been engaged for about a year and a half, with ideas for the wedding sort of being all over the place, literally.  And then one day, not too long ago they decided to have it here, and now.  So in just about 3 months, Sam and Nick planned an absolutely stunning wedding.  It had everything they wanted;  snow, their best friends, amazing food and drinks, and very large balloons.  The day started with Sam and her bridesmaids getting ready at the Mystic Marriott.  Sam’s good friend Keira Coon from Beehive Salon styled her hair and Paula Fusaro-Gencarelli did the gorgeous makeup.  Sam wore a beautiful brooch from her great grandmother in her hair and a borrowed vintage fur from a friend.  Miles made Sam and Nick a ring box out of Legos.  There were touches of their friends and family everywhere.  The ceremony was held at the charming little chapel in Olde Mystic Village which was the perfect choice for this quintessential wintery New England day.  Sam had Miles walk her down the aisle, a job he did very well even if he did cover his eyes during the first kiss.  One of their mutual best friends, Joe, gave a hilarious and heartwarming wedding speech.  After photos we headed to Bridge, whose dimly lit, cozy, woodsy atmosphere right on the water was perfect.  The dinner was amazing, everyone had a great time.  They continued the party via a parade of balloons through downtown Westerly at The Malted Barley where we had a room upstairs all to ourselves, and more pretzels and desserts than you could imagine!  It was really a fantastic way to do a wedding.  Best of all we all got to spend a lot of time with Sam and Nick, wishing them the best on their new adventure.  

I obviously have a very strong attachment to these three.  But for good reason.  They are a beautiful, caring and loving family and I am so happy to have been a part of this incredible day.  Love love love you Sam, Nick and Miles.  Congrats.






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