Narragansett Wedding | Chelsea + Aaron

April 12, 2018

Chelsea and Aaron married in the beautiful backyard of her parents house in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Everything about this wedding day was perfectly about the love between Chelsea and Aaron, their family and friends, and unbelievable happiness.  

I started the day with Chelsea and her gorgeous bridesmaids while they got ready for the wedding at her parent’s neighbor’s house.  I got to talk to the neighbor  a little bit and found out that he had known Chelsea and her family for a very long time.  You could clearly see it was an honor for him to host Chelsea and her friends for the morning.  And I appreciated his model ships which I thought was a perfect fit in some of the photos for Captain Aaron and his fishing buddies. 

Chelsea and her mother spent months and months prepping the backyard for the ceremony and reception.  The flowers that the two of them grew were absolutely gorgeous.  The backyard deck on which Chelsea and Aaron married looked like it was made just for this wedding ceremony.  The girls bouquets and their incredible flower crowns were provided by WeedWeavers, along with the centerpieces which complimented perfectly the beautiful gardens of Chelsea’s mom.  

Aaron + Chelsea chose to do a first look, and Aaron’s reaction to his stunning bride was priceless.  It was pure joy.  I wasn’t that surprised since I know Aaron can be a pretty emotional guy.  But along with the fact that Chelsea looked like a beachy, ethereal goddess in her Ana’s bridal dress, flowing blond curls and floral crown, he was pretty blown away to say the least.  The pups joined in the first look and took some great family photos! 

The ceremony was both meaningful and hysterically funny.  Their relationship was recounted from the beginning for everyone, and their families were thanked for doing such a great job on bringing two amazing people up this way.  It was perfectly sentimental and sweet. 

Sentimental and sweet and then enter the best man’s toast.  I can’t relay the entire toast, however all you need to know is that it involved some gifts from the best man to the new bride and groom.  Gifts in the form of Depends.  Yup, blue for Aaron, pink for Chelsea.  Fortunately he picked himself up a pair as well.  The Maid of Honor thankfully toned things down a bit with a touching toast of her and Chelsea’s friendship.  Chelsea and Aaron really have some pretty amazing and unique friends 😉 

After delicious hors d’ovours and dinner from West Bay Gourmet, the awesome reggae band SoulShot played and people danced real hard all night.  Aaron joined them on bass for a song.  It was so fun to see everyone having a great time under a huge white tent on a perfect summer night.  I’m pretty sure it was the wedding they both had been dreaming of.

I’ve known Aaron since I was a freshman in high school and even though years (not gonna say quite how many…) have gone by it was so cool to see that he is still the kind, funny and super caring guy he always was.  It was such a pleasure to get to meet and know Chelsea and it is very obvious why he is just so in love with this girl.  Her laid back, easy going demeanor is his perfect match, not to mention her beauty and strong love for their friends and family.  I’m so happy for you both, you make an incredible twosome.  I’m so excited for what you will do with your new life together!  Thank you for making this day such a happy and beautiful one. 






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