Preston Ridge Vineyard Wedding | Kathryn + Kevin

April 12, 2018

I’m just going to say that I will probably have re-written this post 25 times by the time it sees the light of day.  In fact that first line started out with 15 times and I had to re-write THAT.  This is going to be a little overwhelming since Kathryn + Kevin have such a unique, sweet story and because so much time, love and little pieces of themselves went into every single detail of their perfect Preston Ridge Vineyard Wedding day that I hope I can do it some kind of justice.

I could start with the very obvious:  Kathy + Kevin are probably the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet.  “Happy” is an understatement to describe their moods on any given day.  “In love” doesn’t even come close to saying how they feel about being with each other.  However, “Soulmates” could tell you a little bit about their relationship.  The Greek meaning of “soul mate” describes one who would forever long for his or her other half, or the other half of their soul, and once the two find each other there is unspoken understanding of one another.  They feel unified and would know no greater joy than that.  The first time it was used in English literature was in 1822 by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  He says “to be happy in Marriage Life you must have a soul-mate, you must have a Husband whom before the alter you can safely, conscientiously vow to love, honour and respect.”  I know that Kevin + Kathy each genuinely feel this way about one another.  Anyone would after spending even just 15 minutes with them.

Kathy + Kevin’s souls were definitely searching for each other long before they met.  Both were adopted from Korea at a very young age.  They were adopted into loving families that offered them the best chance at a new and different life.  Their journey began far away in Korea and their paths have run parallel ever since.  Both became teachers and were working in the same school district when they met.  Musical talent and a love for their students is what eventually brought them together to be in the same place at the same time.  That musical talent is just one thing on the list of reasons why they were meant to be.  In fact every guest at their Preston Ridge Vineyard wedding reception got to experience this when they played a beautiful song together.  Kevin, Kathy and Kathy’s mother played the trumpet, violin, and keyboard in perfect harmony under a huge white tent on a perfect summer night.  Throughout the entire gorgeous Preston Ridge Vineyard Wedding we were constantly reminded of just how meant to be these two are.  Fittingly, their wedding hashtag was #Seoulmates {a play on Seoul, Korea… get it?!}, the toasts given by their best friends and family were hysterically funny, sweet and the most heart-felt.  The dancing was EPIC, causing three pairs of ripped pants.  THREE.  Just a few highlights from the night.  Oh and of course the Flanders Donuts that closed out the night.

It was interesting to learn the origin of “soulmate”.  But it was way more exciting to discover the meaning of #SEOULMATE.  True, it is someone who is complete when they find their other half like the Greek would say, or would vow to love one another like Coleridge says.  But it is also one for whom your soul never had to go too far to find, someone who you were bound to meet wether you are 20 miles or 7,000 miles from.  Someone who drives to you in a snowstorm after hearing tears through the telephone, just to comfort you.  Someone who you would call your rock, who you turn to at the worst of times but also the best.  A #SEOULMATE is the person who you know has just changed your life for the better, forever, the very first time you meet.  Who you are just as happy sharing a workout or a cleaning spree with as you are sharing a delicious meal and bottle of wine.  Kathy + Kev, I can very obviously say you found your soulmates, or #seoulmates.  Thank you for being so amazing and sharing your contagious head over heels, crazy in love, love with all of us.  Cheers to the best future two people could possibly ask for, you absolutely deserve it!! 

Reception Venue: Preston Ridge Vineyard

Hair and Makeup: Larissa Lake & Co

Bridal Gown: Love Me Two Times

Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddington Way

Catering: Ivy’s Simply Homemade

Florals + Design: KLW Design Co.

Wedding Cake: Zest Fresh Pastry

DJ: Local Motion Entertainment

Videography: East Coast Image








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