Priam Vineyards Wedding | Krysti + Alden

April 12, 2018

Priam Vineyards Wedding {10.14.17}

I LOVE Krysti + Alden.

That is all.













Just kidding.  That could be all but definitely shouldn’t be because there is so much to tell you about this insanely GORGEOUS Priam Vineyards Wedding. 

In the beginning of the day the couple and all of their friends got ready together at the same house in Norwich CT.  They rented Mount Crescent House for the weekend and it was the perfect spot for their 16 bridesmaids and groomsmen to get ready together, but separately.  It was (yet again) raining on this Saturday while the ladies were getting ready but at the Vineyard the sun was coming out, and warming things up for Krysti + Alden’s first look. 

Priam Vineyard is a completely solar powered winery, made up of over 40 acres.  The name “Priam” is actually Greek, Priam was the King of Troy.  Just another reason that this was a perfect fit for Alden’s big Greek family who did quite a bit of Greek dancing that night!  They definitely did the vineyard’s namesake proud!  Aside from the natural beauty of the vineyards, the wedding location was  also decked out in some incredibly stunning florals from Nectar + Root.  Between Krysti’s cascading wildflower bouquet, and the eucalyptus garland hanging everywhere it was seriously a dream venue for the couple.  

Krysti met Alden in the aisles of grapes and vines for their first look.  I am pretty used to seeing Alden with a huge smile on his face, laughing, usually doing “guy”things, so to see the serious but so full of adoration look on his face when he turned and saw his bride in her gorgeous gown was just priceless.  It was that moment when you can only think “awww he LOVES her!”.   They spent a couple minutes checking each other out, hugging and laughing, being all sweet and snuggly.  Their first look was everything, and I’m so glad they got to have a couple of minutes alone before the wedding began. 

After a beautiful ceremony by their good friend Matthew, Krysti + Alden enjoyed cocktail hour with their friends.  Ivy’s Simply Homemade kept the crowd eating well and cocktailling better as the late afternoon sun was beginning to set.  Everyone was enjoying the warm sun and great company.  After moving under the tent, Krysti + Alden surprised everyone with a choreographed first dance, maybe a Tango?  Completely unsure but it was great and everyone loved watching their pro moves to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by UB40.  It was awesome.  The toasts were phenomenal.  Krysti’s cousin/ Maid of Honor had props.  In the form of a little keepsake that Krysti had wanted to get rid of after a (brief) break-up for the couple, but she wouldn’t let her and instead said something to the effect of ya, ok I’ll give it back to you at your wedding.  Which she did.  Alden’s Best Man didn’t have props, but he did have some of the most hysterical, unbelievable stories I have ever heard and had everyone in tears from laughing so hard.  There was something about swiping a pizza from inside of a neighbor’s house and breaking every dish they own?  It was so good.  

So I kind of have to end things here because I have run out of my size allowance with this post, but I just have to note that Krysti + Alden unfortunately ran into some pretty big bumps in the road when it came to planning their wedding.  The kind of bumps that are like worst nightmare for wedding planning.  But seeing them handle all of it so calmly and gracefully and to get through it together as a team, was truly inspiring.  You would never even know it come the day of the wedding.  That’s when you know these guys are going to be just wonderful on this journey together. 


Venue: Priam Vineyards

Catering: Ivy’s Simply Homemade

Cake: Zest Fresh Pastry

Flora: Nectar and Root

Bride wore: Allure from Ana’s Bridal

Shoes: BHLDN

Groom wore:

Hair/Makeup Artist: Afterglow

DJ: After Hours DJ and Entertainment







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