North Beach Clubhouse Wedding | Emily + Mike

April 12, 2018

North Beach Clubhouse Wedding {07.01.17}

Excited to share Emily + Mike’s wedding is an understatement.  Everything about this day was just so personal, just so THEM.  From getting ready for the wedding in the same house to the bridesmaids wearing mismatched dresses.  A first look location that involved a hike, to fast dancing to the first dance to not technically having enough tables and chairs for dinner.  For Emily + Mike this day was about them, not other people’s traditions or a wedding checklist.  It was about their love that has been built on travel and adventures and huge life changes.  It was also about their families, making sure the most important people were there to witness their joy and celebration.  In addition to the guests who travelled a very long way to be there, this was also done by Emily incorporating items from her different grandmothers into her outfit by wearing borrowed rings and pearl bracelets.  But the wedding was also about great music, lots and lots of dancing, great food, and most importantly each other.

I think what is most amazing about love stories is how in this whole huge universe we are in, two people find each other that are absolutely meant to be.  Sometimes they have been in the same town their whole lives and never knew it, and sometimes, like for Emily + Mike, they are from opposite sides of the world.  Emily is from Australia, and somehow met the love of her life from the smallest state in our country.  They have lived on each continent both together and separately.  The time they spent living in Australia clearly meant a lot to Emily’s father.  He gave one of the most hilarious, heart warming, personal, (did I mention hilarious?!) speeches I have ever heard.  I’m not sure if I would call it a toast or a roast, but from his farming skills to his beer choices, Mike has definitely left an impression on his father in law.

While that was a definite highlight from the night, seeing all of Emily + Mike’s friends and family from all different parts of the world coming to celebrate was really pretty awesome.  The North Beach Clubhouse on Narragansett Beach was the perfect location for their boho inspired vision and McGrath Clambakes took great care of the guests with their delicious New England style fare.  DJ Pauly Danger kept everyone, but most importantly Emily’s mother, dancing.

I am so grateful Emily + Mike chose me to document their day.  I loved every minute I spent with them and their big wonderful families.  Congrats to two absolutely beautiful people inside and out. Cheers!!


Gown: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Bridesmaids Dresses: Fresh Soul and Copper St. (Australian Boutiques)

Bridesmaids Jewelry: Capwell + Co. 

Hair and Makeup: JF3 Salon

Venue: North Beach Clubhouse

Caterer: McGrath Clambakes

Flora: Trader Joe’s

DJ: DJ Pauly Danger Above the Clouds Entertainment

Cake: Emily’s Mum 🙂






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