Eolia Mansion Wedding | Lindsay + Aaron

October 9, 2016

Lindsay + Aaron married on a rainy but beautiful October day.  Their Eolia Mansion Wedding at Harkness Park was such a joy to photograph simply because there was beauty everywhere you looked.  Lindsay looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous gown from Lastrina Girls, with her makeup just perfect thanks to Sabrina from Allure Traveling Beauty.  And Aaron looked so classically handsome in his Xedo tux and bowtie.  They even had their two puppies, Sophie and Gus, dressed for the affair!  Playing the part of the flower girl and ring bearer, they were wearing a little doggy tulle dress and a doggy tuxedo from Yvette’s Little Shop.  The day was full of sweet little surprises like that, I also loved how Lindsay placed family heirlooms and jewels which had been handed down for generations in her bouquet to carry them down the aisle with her.

Guests were also dressed in black tie attire, totally fitting the elegant theme of this Eolia mansion wedding.  Rebecca from Blue Butterfly Florist had the place looking amazing with the flowers and centerpieces and candles everywhere for the ceremony which was held inside.  Lindsay’s father walked her down the beautiful staircase to Aaron who was waiting with a look of pure joy and excitement on his face.  Aaron may have had some tears during the first look, and the wedding, and the toasts following.  But it was just another reason to fall in love with this couple.  They love and adore each other and their families, some of who traveled from very far away to be there, so much and they expressed that continuously through their day.

Ivy’s Simply Homemade was the caterer of choice, and Ivy and her team definitely had their work cut out for them since Lindsay and Aaron are the owners of the amazing Sweeties in downtown New London.  If you have ever been to their bakery and cafe you know they know good food! (Of course Ivy’s pulled it off -not that I’m biased or anything- good job big sis 😉

One thing to know about an Eolia Mansion wedding is that there are a couple of small rooms to have dinner in.  But when you have the perfect number of guests like Lindsay + Aaron did everyone fits so cozily in one room and the sounds of guests talking and laughing and toasting just floats through the rest of this beautiful home. The warm candlelit rooms were completely filled that night with those joyous sounds.  After dinner It also was full of the incomparable music from Band of New York.  A group made up of musicians that have done everything from Broadway to playing with the Rolling Stones!

Lindsay and Aaron certainly had every piece of their Eolia Mansion wedding planned out perfectly.  And it all came together perfectly for this couple, who gets to now celebrate this newest milestone in their life.  I am so happy to now know you Lindsay + Aaron.  It is amazing to meet a couple who can take such great risks together, open and run a successful business together, and at the same time be so head over heels in love.  Congratulations, and cheers to this next venture







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