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Enchanted Forest Wedding | Francesca + Micah

July 28, 2018

Enchanted Forest Wedding {07.28.18}

Catering: Red Diamond Pizza Truck

Rentals: Taylor Rentals

Bride wore: Martina Liana from Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique

On July 28, 2018 there was a very special wedding held in the back yard of one very incredible family.  What made this day so special was not the “things”, but it was the people, the emotion, and heirloom family treasures.

Scotland, India, Australia…

Francesca has some interesting roots.  She is a talented, creative and brilliant woman from Scotland.  But also had spent a lot of time in Italy as a child so she also has that “traveler” soul.  Her and Micah actually met in India while he was in China teaching, and I think they both knew it was something special immediately. While they had to go their separate ways for a while, she eventually moved to China to be with Micah. After that there was no turning back and instead plans being made of where to live to be closer to families and hopefully start their own.

Naturally this meant the wedding would have guests from all over. From childhood best friends and college roommates to friends traveling from Australia and of course Scotland, it was going to be an eclectic gathering of the beautiful people that have made this two who they are.

An enchanted forest wedding dream come true

I met with Micah + Francesca on one hot summer afternoon so they could show me the ceremony site.  When I arrived they were in the yard, like they had been for months, prepping if for the big day.  They were planting grass, pulling weeds, transforming Micah’s childhood yard into the woodland fairy tale wedding they had been dreaming about. If you could measure how much care and love went into preparing this sacred spot in sweat and tan lines, well, lets just say this Scottish girl had a tan to be jealous of!

The spot they envisioned was stunning. A cluster of trees with a big open spot in the middle for the ceremony where the afternoon light flickered with the breeze of the leaves. They pictured long farm tables, lending ample opportunity for their guests to get to know each other, have a good laugh and lots of cheers.  The couple was busy collecting oriental rugs from friends to make a bohemian styled aisle. They were also collecting mismatched china to serve the guests dinner.  I loved the idea of casual pizza on fancy china!

Fusion was the name of the game at this wedding.  Scottish traditions were tied in, literally.  They did a hand tying ceremony that was performed with a Mackenzie Tartan ribbon.  Matching ribbons hung from the girls bouquets, and Micah’s vest also matched.  Francesca’s father, and some other special guests wore kilts, and a bagpiper led the recessional back down the aisle.

Other special pieces included the ring that Francesca wore which was Micahs’s great grandmothers, also worn by his mother for years.

Her beautiful opal earrings were her mothers.  A garter made by her bridesmaid, and a watch that belonged to a great aunt of Micah’s, which he gifted her the night before the wedding.  He wore a pin with a photo of  his grandfather inside of his vest. These were all items worn to keep family and friends close.  Not to  forget the friends who generously showed up to help with dinner service and bartending, and parking and valeting cars.  There was also the very special (and delicious!) chocolates made for the couple by good friends which were the favors.

Everything about this wedding made an impact on me but there were some things that really stuck out (as if all of the above isn’t enough for the best love story ever). During the ceremony, the couples’ family had decided to have guests stand, one at a time, to read different “chapters” of their love story.  It was a complete surprise to Micah and Francesca. Their reaction was priceless.  Francesca’s sister sung “What a Wonderful World”, and later at dinner sang “Amazing Grace”, both times bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. Their personal vows were beautiful, bringing even MORE tears.

A father’s speech is always a treat, and both of these dads were on point.

Micah’s father took on the role of emcee, while Francesca’s dad’s toast was also hysterical. I especially loved the”married to the MOB joke”!  Never heard that one before!!  But he was also super sentimental about his very special daughter starting out on this journey. Highlighting her resilience and that she may be tiny, but “she punches above her weight, so watch out Micah!”  OMG MORE TEARS!!

It was a hot, beautiful summer wedding day.  But we ended the night by dancing in the rain, on a dance floor that by now you won’t be surprised to know that they built themselves.  You know you have a great crowd when a thunderstorm shows up and everyone just covers their equipment in plastic and dances in the rain!

Micah + Francesca I can’t believe that in some ways your life together is only beginning, it feels as though you have already lived a lifetime! But I can’t wait to see the crazy and exciting adventures that unfold.  All of my love…

xo~ Ames






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