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Mansion at Bald Hill Wedding | Mikaela + Josh

April 21, 2018

Mansion at Bald Hill Wedding

Venue: Mansion at Bald Hill, Janet Waterman

Bride wore: Stone Cold Fox gown, with alterations by Lauren’s Rush Alterations

Shoes: Badgely Mischka

Flora: Fleurescent

Videographer: Barnberry Productions

DJ: Eazy Entertainment, James Jackson

Hair and Makeup: Larissa Lake & Co.

Donut Bar: Dixie’s Donuts

You guys, what a wedding to kick off 2018!!  I really knew I loved Mikaela + Josh from the moment I met them.

We met in a little lunch spot, and when they came in Mikaela was bright and bubbly.  And probably shared way too much info with a complete stranger (which I absolutely loved!)  I feel like the girl could have read me the phone book that day and I would have been laughing.  And Josh, while a little more laid back totally came to meet the photographer on his lunch break.  Any guy that does that is just awesome in my opinion!  No surprise, the more I got to know them the more I fell in love with this couple and their life.

Mikaela + Josh shared a first date at a restaurant after only having been texting for a while.

They may have both had nerves going into that first date, but they walked out knowing they had found the one.  (What’s in the water at Rooftop 120?!)  Josh was so excited he found this gorgeous, smart, and in his opinion “way out of his league” girl, that he called everyone in his phone on the way home from the date to tell them.  Mikaela, also pretty smitten with this guy thought he was funny, and of course hot.

After just around 2 years of happily dating, cruising, enjoying dive bars and a lot of time spent at Prime 82, Josh planned a hike and a surprise proposal.  A little less of a surprise than it was meant to be since Josh’s cleaning the kitchen and advanced planning of said hike were tip-offs to this smart (did I mention she was an attorney?) chick.  But either way they brought Josh’s daughter and their beloved dogs and he asked the question.  To which she said “OMG I’m so sweaty what if it doesn’t fit?!” aka YES.

Fast forward to April 21st, 2018.

I walked into a house full of family, awesome friends, good music, and great vibes.  Mikaela and her lovely ladies were getting beautified, poppin’ champagne and totally ready for this day.  Pretty soon we were on our way to kick off this Mansion at Bald Hill wedding.  We met Josh for the first look, where you could tell she stole his breath away in her beautiful boho luxe gown <*total highlight of the day*>.  After a sentimental ceremony on the beautiful grounds of the Mansion at Bald Hill we got the chance to just stroll around the field and soak in the sun and the feeling of being newlyweds (well them not me).  We’ve had a rough spring here in New England, but this day was just idyllic for a Mansion at Bald Hill wedding.

I hope neither of them ever forgets what the sunshine felt like on their face that day.

Another highlight of the day was Mikaela’s father’s toast.  He had many notecards.  Every word was full of love and joy and pride for his daughter and new son.  He even came with a gift.  Her favorite hand me down purple unicorn dress she wore as a child (what a trendsetter btw, unicorns are so on trend right now!) framed!  And he gave it to her after telling the story about how she would wear it all the time and ride around on a broom, which he also gave to her.  Such a sentimental family.

The night finished off with donuts and lots of dance moves.  Actually… thats my favorite way to end a night too!  I said it was the perfect wedding to kick off this season and I seriously meant it.  As your photographer and friend, I feel blessed, honored, and privileged to have been a part of this new chapter for you two.  I wish you endless travels, a beautiful family, and to enjoy nice easy mornings on the farm with your children, pups, and all you have worked for.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the Mansion at Bald Hill Wedding!

xo~ Ames






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