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Lake of Isles Wedding | Suzanne + Dehui

April 27, 2018

Suzanne + Dehui | Lake of Isles Wedding 04.27.2018

Venue/ Catering: Lake of Isles

Bride wore: Allure from Melissa Ashley

Bridesmaids wore: Vera Wang from David’s Bridal

Flora: Rosanna’s Flowers

Cake: Scrumptions

DJ: Music Mixers

Hair/Makeup: Rae of Lyte

Suzanne + Dehui celebrated their love in the most perfect way possible.  It was with their closest family + friends at this Lake of Isles wedding on April 27, 2018.  We had some rain that day, but you would never have noticed by the way that Suzanne + Dehui were both simply ecstatic that they were marrying their person.  Also we got to get some unique shots thanks to that rain!  The couple was brought together that day with a first look.  It was emotional, loving and so perfectly them.  They were able to soak in the moment and really enjoy each others company before the ceremony began.  It was truly a beautiful moment, my favorite one of the day!

Suzanne + Dehui met back in 2013, with some serious stealth moves thanks to Suzanne!

It is possibly my favorite pickup story I’ve ever heard, since it was all her who snagged his phone and put her digits in there!  She was even smart enough to call her phone from his so she had his too.  Well that move led to them being on a first date the very next night.  And it was pretty much the two of them together after that.   As a couple they had endured some more serious situations, but not to be outdone by fun dates, buying a home together, adopting some kitties (which Dehui wasn’t a fan of at first, which totally gives me hope that Seth might change his mind one day…) and some travel.  All of this led to a spicy proposal on October 16th.

Dehui had told Suzanne he had made plans for her to meet his college roommate at the Ocean House in Watch Hill on a Sunday.  Totally understandably Suzanne’s reaction was more ummm no I wanna stay home, be cozy, it’s Sunday (feel ya girl!).  Eventually she gave in and a little begrudgingly got dressed, did her hair and makeup and headed to Watch Hill.

When they got down there, still totally unsuspecting, Dehui took her to the beach. She kinda wanted to be annoyed that the plan was changed and she wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes, she also didn’t want “the roommate” to see them fighting.  Haha!  See, she’s such a team player!  Well eventually Dehui had to tell her it was all a front, and that there was no roommate coming. Instead he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  Suzanne of course said “Yes!” and so began the planning of their happily ever after.

Like I mentioned the couple decided on an Lake of Isles wedding, and they couldn’t have made a better decision!

The place is gorgeous, and the people were fantastic.  Lake of Isles is as beautiful of a venue as the name implies. Sitting right on the golf course for Foxwoods, overlooking the water and of course the course is the beautiful ballroom which was sunlit beautifully for the ceremony.  Even for a rainy day there was a beautiful covered area to still be able to do an outdoor first look.  After the ceremony, the rain cleared and we were able to use the golf course grounds for some more photos of the couple, another highlight of the day.  These two were so joyful to be together, now married that their happiness just emanated out of them!  They enjoyed an evening of dancing with their friends who have some  pretty great dance moves, and we ended with some photos in the misty rain.

Suzanne + Dehui, thank you so much for having me along for your journey over the past year plus, it has been such a wonderful experience hanging out with you and getting to know you both!  I wish you the happiest future ever.

~xo, Ames






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