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Madison Beach Hotel | Kristin + Jason

October 27, 2018

Madison Beach Hotel {10.27.18}

Venue/ Catering: Madison Beach Hotel

Flora: Fisher Florists

Cake: J Cakes

Band: Andre & Eddie

Hair/ Makeup Artists: Posh Salon

Wedding Gown: The Savvy Bride

Groom wore: Ted Baker


Kristin + Jason are that couple that as soon as it was known they were dating everyone wanted to know when they were getting married.  They just have that natural chemistry that you know they are going to be together forever… so what’s the hold up?!

Well, in a very Kristin and Jason way, that day came not more than 3 months before their wedding!  I got a phone call from a very excited Kristin one afternoon that her and Jason were planning a wedding at the beautiful Madison Beach Hotel.  They didn’t need much time, or planning to pull together an amazing group of family and best friends (who really know how to party btw). And they did it without a hitch!  The weather might have tried to throw a curve ball, but who doesn’t love a late October Nor’easter when you’re from New England?!

October 27th, 2018

Madison Beach Hotel sits right on the ocean.  A classic looking hotel was the perfect place for this very classy couple.  They met for their first look at a private suite in the hotel and Jason’s reaction to seeing his bride was priceless.  His smile was huge, and this usually laid back guy was clearly in awe of how beautiful Kristin looked.  Because she looked amazing, no surprise there of course.  After we gave the couple some time to twirl around we explored the hotel and all it’s cool spots to stop and take some portraits.

But then it was family photo time and one thing is for sure, their family is large and amazing and sooo fun!!  You couldn’t help but to love all the little kids Kristin + Jason had in the wedding! Tons of nieces (well 6?) that made the day so much more adorable.

Kristin was walked down the aisle by both of her parents, and in a room that was packed with their family and friends they made their vows.  They were married by Jay’s uncle, another way they tied their family into this important day.

I think Kristin + Jason were pretty excited about the party.  They enjoyed a beautiful cocktail hour, and  then were welcomed in to dance to Pearl Jam as their first dance.  The party really got kicked off by the toasts.  Kristin’s father who is just such a sweet soul welcomed everyone and talked about his love for Kristin + Jason.  After that Kristin’s MOH got up and delivered a toast that should really be going viral right now!  She talked about their love of Lifetime movies and was going to make this one.  She sung the soundtrack and everything.

Remember when I said everyone wanted to know when they were going to be married?  Well Sara, the very talented MOH might have been the one person who didn’t.   Not because she doesn’t love Jason, which deep down… deep deep down she really does 😉 but because she just loves Kristin so much!  And while she might have admitted that she hadn’t been ready to give her best friend away to someone else she knew that Jason was the perfect fit.  Cue the tears. Also the laughter because that girl sang many songs to the entire audience.  And killed it!!  The photos of this below are some of my favorite ever!

Jason had chosen his father to be his best man.  There are just some things only a father can say in a best man’s speech.  And that was exactly what he did. I won’t repeat it here here for fear I get something wrong but I’m grateful to now know why Jay is alive today 😀 😀

After all of that laughing, crying, and cheersing what else is left but to party?!  Kristin and Jason hired a fantastic band and everyone was out there, from the littlest of the littles to all of their break dancing friends.  The Madison Beach Hotel was the most perfect location for this fun, laid back couple who still wanted an elegant and classic wedding.   I’m so glad to have been there and to document this love story in the making for a long time now!   Congrats Kristin + Jason!!

All my love, xoxo~ Ames







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