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Greenwich Elopement | Amy + Ekuwa

March 20, 2019

Greenwich Elopement {03.20.2019}

Greenwich elopement at: Greenwich Town Hall

Followed by: Photos and Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

How they met

Amy arrived to the US one week via London but really via Cuba and fate brought Ekuwa right to her.  Amy was here on business, and Ekuwa a driver taking care of her and her team they got to spend a little time together and this gave them a great excuse to switch digits.  One friend of Amy’s noticed how hot Ekuwa was, the next night there was flirting and the next night there was a kiss.  The last night there was an invitation to dinner.

We could say it was all uphill from there, but any good love story doesn’t go quite that easy right?  Dating while living on separate continents of course makes for a not so smooth dating relationship.   But thanks to FaceTime, Skype, and two people who knew they were in it to win it eventually led to Amy making the move here, transferring with her company and them blissfully making a home in Greenwich, CT.

When you know, you know

Amy + Ekuwa’s life together is full of adventure.  Travelling; whether mini day trips here in the US or longer trips abroad- they always have the best time as long as they are together.  It’s that “as long as we’re together what else do we need” sort of attitude that led to them planning their wedding.  Not so much a formal proposal as Ekuwa speaking the sweetest words: That he’d love nothing more than to have Amy as his wife.  After discussing what they would do for their wedding they, not surprisingly, decided to do things their own way.  They planned a Greenwich elopement at the town hall.  Accompanied by one very fun best man, who held the phones that were Facetiming their families, and a justice of the peace, they vowed to love each other eternally and exchanged rings and said I Do!!  It was sweet, sentimental and perfectly them.

We travelled from the Greenwich elopement to Tarrytown New, York for an amazing restaurant and beautiful landscape.  It was a bit of a chilly afternoon but that early spring sunshine showed up for golden hour, and the couple had promises of an amazing 5 star meal waiting for them inside.  After hanging out for a little bit, and capturing their true love, I set them free to enjoy their first meal as husband and wife!

I love when couples throw the expected to the wind and choose to celebrate their wedding day their own way.  I always remind people it is about the marriage, not the wedding, not the vendors, or anyone else.  Whether that is a Greenwich elopement at city hall, or a destination wedding with 50 of their closest friends (:D ) or the big huge wedding celebration in honor of the two of you- it’s always awesome to witness and capture the pure joy that comes from making something uniquely yours.

xo Amy + Ekuwa.  I’m thrilled to share in a small part of your story.


greenwich town hall elopement, greenwich photographer

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greenwich wedding photographer, greenwich elopement




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