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The Spa at Norwich Inn Wedding | Jacqueline + David

June 24, 2018

The Spa at Norwich Inn Wedding {06.24.18}

Venue/ Catering: The Spa at Norwich Inn

Hair + Makeup: The Spa at Norwich Inn

Flora: Pot of Green Florist

DJ: Power Stations Events

Bride wore: Allure Bridals from Mariella Creations

Bridesmaids wore: Hayley Paige from Mariella Creations

Groom/Groomsmen wore: Joseph Abboud from Men’s Wearhouse

Cake Artist: Pastry Fusions

Jackie + Dave were married at The Spa at Norwich Inn on the 24th of June without a dry eye in the crowd. Everyone was crying.  From laughing so hard.  But this was no surprise.

Anyone could have guessed that this day was going to be FUN and FUNNY with these two. But from “The Rock” candle Jackie gave her bridesmaid, to Dave’s PRICELESS reaction at the first look (scroll down to see!) , to the borderline roast of the couple that was delivered by officiant/bridesmaid/someone’s cousin Kathryn, to the hysterical toasts involving duct tape, my cheeks were hurting from laughter by like hour 2.

A great sense of humor is something that attracted the two to each other.  The way she made him laugh was one of the things that made Dave fell in love with Jackie originally, back in high school. And while they may have taken a little break before college, it wasn’t long before social media brought them back together, as it does in all of the best love stories,  and even though Jackie admits it was possibly her doing the Facebook stalking, Dave also admits he had never really gotten over her.  And just in case you think its all laughing and jokes with them, I have something that will make you say “awww!”.  When Dave saw Jackie holding one of his best friends one day old daughter, that was the moment he knew they were going to build a family together.  (told ya)

So naturally a proposal was going to happen.  Dave had planned a hiking trip for them but honestly didn’t know if the right time would pop up that day or weekend at all.  But it did, and it happened to be right when Jackie was holding her sandwich above her head like Simba on Pride Rock.

 I bet you totally just sang “I sabenya mama me ma ma….”

Anyway Jackie was cracking up over her Lion-King-with-grinder-moment while Dave got down on one knee.  She of course said yes when she realized he was proposing, but never put her sandwich down!  This led to the Simbawich being in all of the photos from their proposal as her sister was snapping photos yelling at her to “Put the sandwich DOWN!!”

After a year and half of so of planning, they finally were able to celebrate their wedding day with all of their family + friends.  And yes, while there was a ton of fun and laughter, there were also a ton of very sweet, caring moments. It’s impossible to look at the photos and not see just how very much they love each other.  And they also still obviously love hanging out with the kiddos!!  Jackie said dancing was one thing she was most excited about on their wedding day, and ya there was some dancing.  And when I say some I mean a lot.  It was really such a fun, sweet, day full of so much love and so many smiles.

Thank you Jackie + Dave for brightening up my world with your sense of humor and tangible love.  I am so looking forward to following all the new crazy adventures you go on, and to see you back to eating those sandwiches 😉

xo~ Ames






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