Lifestyle Date Night Engagement Session | Brittany + Victor

June 28, 2021

Brittany + Victor are an absolute perfect match. Their playful side goes hand in hand so well with their sweet and romantic side and their engagement session really captured all of that! They wanted to take a more laid back, lifestyle approach to start their session with all of the date night vibes that really tells their love story from the very beginning.

They had met a few times in passing, but The Engine Room (where we started their session!) was where they say their first official meeting was back in 2014 where Victor was working at the time. After that, they set up their first date at The Breakfast & Burger, a local breakfast restaurant, and the rest is history! Brittany + Victor both said on their own that they always knew they were with “the one,” but quarantining in a small apartment spending 24 hours a day together for 3 months really solidified it for them. Brittany said she just knew she wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else! I guess that’s one thing we can thank the pandemic for!

August 28, 2020 was the day everything changed. Here’s their proposal story in Brittany’s words:

“We both worked that day at Noah’s. It was the end of August so it was really really busy. I hadn’t eaten all day so I was HANGRY. He kept rushing me to leave work, then rushing me out of the house and acting all weird. We went with two friends on a boat and went out to Ram Island. He told me to get out of the boat and walk to shore. I said no because I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit and he quickly told me that I did not have an option. We were walking down the beach and he had something behind his back. That was the moment that I knew. We sat on a rock on Ram Island and he proposed.

We went back to Noah’s before dinner so I could tell my best friend the good news. For some crazy reason all of the people we love: friends, regulars, etc just happened to all be there and celebrated with us. It was very special.”

When I asked Victor what he loves most about Brittany, I loved his answer. He said, “I love how, although she has not had an easy life, she is still a very funny, and in her own way, loving person.” Brittany shared that her favorite qualities about Victor are that he is hardworking, funny, giving and keeps her laughing all the time!

Their date night engagement session was so fun and made me SO excited for their October wedding at Stone Acres Farm in Stonington, CT. I already know the entire day is going to be filled with fun, lots of laughs, all the food + drinks and so much love! So thankful my “job” allows me to meet incredible people like Britt + Vic and celebrate love!

xo, Ames

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